Our first thriller – All the Big Ones are Dead – is done and we’re delighted to announce it today. It’s available right now on Amazon, Kindle, Google and Kobo!

The trade in illegal elephant ivory and rhino horn has to be stopped. It’s the tip of an iceberg made of money used to finance terrorism, torture and murder, and some of the wealthiest and most influential politicians and businessmen in America and Europe are involved. They’re immersed in a corrupt, morally depraved view of the world and how it should run.

CIA officer Michael Bishop leads a cast of sharply etched characters. It’s a story that takes readers from the African poaching grounds of the Cameroon interior though the rough, narrow, dangerous old streets of Marseille, to the teeming, densely packed streets of New York City. Bishop follows the money trail no matter where it leads and no matter who gets in his way.

Get the book now on Amazon, Kindle, Google and Kobo!