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All the Big Ones are Dead is Available Now

Our first thriller - All the Big Ones are Dead - is done and we're delighted to announce it today. It's available right now on Amazon, Kindle, Google and Kobo! The trade in illegal elephant ivory and rhino horn has to be stopped. It's the tip of an iceberg made of...

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All The Big Ones Are Dead is Coming Soon

We're getting some of the interest we hoped for. Chris and I are excited about that. Thank you to all who've asked about purchasing the Kindle book on Amazon. It's coming soon. If you're waiting for the print version, don't hesitate to send us an email. We'll reserve...

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Questions About Goodreads

We’re wondering about participating on Goodreads. It’s a very busy and massive site no doubt, but we’ve read so many reader reviews on Goodreads that turned out to be absolute spoilers that we’re very hesitant about promoting All The Big Ones Are Dead and the upcoming...

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